Growing vegetables on Sauvie Island since 1993

Our farm is located 15 miles from downtown Portland, nestled among farmland and wildlife refuges. For over 21 years we have been growing vegetables in the rich soils of Sauvie Island. We are dedicated to providing delicious, seasonal, local foods to Portland area residents through our Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program.

About Our CSA

  • 28 weeks of produce from May to December
  • 15 different pick-up locations throughout Portland
  • 3 Share options: Family share, Half share & Salad share
  • More about the CSA

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What Our Members Our Saying

Thank you for giving us the BEST CORN we have ever had.  Both my husband and I grew up in corn-growing areas (albeit on opposite sides of the country) and we both agree that if could eat your corn every week for the rest of our lives we would be extremely happy.  I am now a former corn-renunciate.  Thanks for converting me back to the kernel!! - Toshi

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