CSA Week 15: September 3 to September 5

This Week’s Share

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Family Share

Half Share

Basil 4 plants 2 plants
Corn, Luscious 8 ears 4 ears
Cucumbers 2 each 1 each
Eggplant 2 pounds 1 pound
Fennel 2 bulbs 1 bulb
Kohlrabi 2 bulbs 1 bulb
Lettuce 2 heads 1 head
Onions, Torpedo 4 each 2 each
Summer Squash 3 pounds 1 ½  pound
Sweet Peppers on rotation on rotation
Tomatoes, Slicing and Heirloom on rotation on rotation

Share Notes

  • Basil: Time to get your pesto on one more time! This is the last big round of basil we will distributing this season, and as you will notice we included full plants.  While the plants are loaded with fresh fragrant leaves, you will need to be sure to remove any woody stems.   
  • Corn:  Corn is here this week, and in a big way, as we have multiple plantings all coming into harvest at once. Enjoy the Luscious bi-color ears on the cob, or slice those kernels off and make your favorite corn dish.
  • Cucumbers: Enjoy the refreshing crunch one last time, as this will be the last of the cucumbers for the season. 
  • Kohrabi: After a long hiatus from the farm, we welcome back kohlrabi! It’s appearance in the share marks the beginning of a slow transition toward fall crops, and you will see kohlrabi again in several weeks.


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