CSA News: Week 22- October 23 to October 25


Family Share shown in photo above

This Week’s Share


Family Share

Half Share

Cabbage, Savoy 1 large head 1 small head
Carrots 2 pounds 1 pound
Escarole 2 heads 1 head
Fennel 2 each 1 each
Leeks 2 each 1 each
Potatoes, German Butterball 3 pounds 1 1/2 pounds
Sweet Red Peppers 4 each 2 each
Winter Squash, Pumpkins 2 each 1 each

Share Notes

  • Escarole: A member of the chicory family, escarole is a broad-leaved endive with broad, pale green leaves that look similar to a leafy butter lettuce. The blanched inner leaves tend to have a more mild flavor are make a great salad green, while the more bitter green outer leaves are great lightly sauteed with a little fat or your choice, salt and pepper.
  • Leeks: Take extra care in washing your leeks as their may be some soil still lingering between the layers near the tops.
  • Potatoes: The tasty German Butterball potatoes in your share this week may show some surface damage from wire worm and other soil conditions, and  is easily removed with peeling or cutting out as desired.
  • Winter Squash, Pumpkin: The Baby Pam pumpkins in your share this week are best when eaten within a couple weeks, as pumpkins tend to be the least storage worthy of the winter squashes. While they will hold up just great on your porch or window sill through Halloween (not carved, and not exposed to any freezing), their naturally sweet, rich and smooth flesh is delicious roasted, in soups, curries, and particularly for making homemade pumpkin pie filling. You can plan to enjoy pumpkins again in the Thanksgiving Share.

Order Your Bulk Carrots

We all love SIO carrots, and we know many of you juice, pickle, and love to chomp chomp chomp those carrots down, and if you fit that description the Bulk Carrots option may be for you. We will be selling 20 pound boxes of carrots (no tops) for $25. To order reply to any email from the farm, include your name, pick-up site and number of 20lb boxes you’d like to receive, and we will email back confirming your order and what date you can plan to pick-up your carrots.

You must pre-order your Bulk Carrots, and they will be delivered to your CSA pick-up site on our next available date, or requested date if we have capacity. We have a limited number of boxes per week we can deliver, so if we are sold our for the next week we will set you up for the next available week. You can order a 20lb box weekly, on a one-time basis or as needed now through the end of the season.


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